Summer of Cello

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Recorded & mixed by Barry Phillips at Barry's Cave
Mastered by Rainer Gembalczyk at Sienna Digital

All cellos played by Barry Phillips

Spin & drip art by Barry Phillips
Photo by Russell Martin (2009)

Released 2010


Barry Phillips rocks the house on these masterfully played interpretations of some of the best music to come out of the 60's. His decades-long association with Indian composer/sitarist Ravi Shankar is clearly evident as his "cello ensemble" transcends wood and string to sing with the nuance and power of that decade's most iconic vocalists, while dancing with the precision and energy of the tightest rhythm sections. Recommended for anyone who loves to rock, Barry Phillips' Summer of Cello is a must have for fans of Kronos Quartet, Turtle Island Quartet and even the Vitamin String Quartet.

Phillips and his cellos are the only performers on this recording. He plays an 1850's Mittenwald lion's head cello, a sympathetic cello custom-made in Kolkata by Krishna Mondal 2008 (5 playing, 11 sympathetic buzzy strings), and a circa 1900 student cello, probably German, that was retrofitted for 5 strings (CGDAE).

— Gene Bryan Johnson

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